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How to Get Rid of Stuff

The house is burning. Smoke is curling around everything you have ever owned, ever wanted, believed mattered. That picture of the person you love, the dog’s favorite toy. The couch where you held each other when you cried. All on fire, blazing. The garbage that needed to be taken out yesterday goes up as easily as the receipt you saved from the first time the two of you had breakfast together.

Every object you love and treasure will soon be ashes.

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John Kerry Arrives in Saudi Arabia Amidst Unprecedented Rise in State Executions

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Saudi Arabia coincides with a recent surge of executions in that country.

So far this year, at least 39 people have reportedly been put to death by authorities.

Amnesty International’s researcher on Saudi Arabia, Sevag Kechichian, told The Independent, “Since the beginning of the year we’ve seen an unprecedented rate of executions in the country.”

“Despite claims sometimes made by the authorities about carrying out executions ...

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