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Cari Romm – Doctors Found a Tiny Second Brain Growing Inside This Woman’s Tumor

Here’s a horrifying little story to kick off your weekend: A 16-year-old girl in Japan recently had a tumor surgically removed from her ovary — and when her doctors split it open, they found a tiny brain growing inside.

To be more specific, they found “clumps of greasy, matted hair inside, and a 3-centimetre-wide brain-like structure covered by a thin plate of skull bone,” New Scientist reported. In a Continue Reading →


April M. Short – US Fertility Rates Are Lower than Ever Recorded

Fertility rates in the U.S. are lower than ever previously recorded according to a new report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)—but this doesn’t herald a Children of Men scenario on the horizon. (Children of Men, for those unfamiliar, is a science fiction thriller novel-turned-film that depicts a world after two decades of global human infertility.) The lower rate of fertility does not mean fewer people are physically able to make babies. Instead, the fertility rate is defined ...

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